Free E-book! Incentive Solutions Launches The BthruB Incentive Program Playbook

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How do you create a performance-based incentive plan? One that inspires your participants to advance your business goals? Whether you’re running a loyalty program, or looking to improve performance for your dealers, DSRs, or other channel partners, Incentive Solutions has got you covered. We’re pleased to announce that our new e-book is available for download.

First announced in Incentive Magazine, The BthruB Incentive Program Playbook peels back the curtain on what it takes to create a successful incentive program for the modern distribution channel, where businesses are more reliant on other businesses than ever before, and loyalty means everything. Grab your copy today!

Strategize, Structure, Manage and Grow: The Four Stages of a Successful Performance-Based Incentive Plan

In The BthruB Incentive Program Playbook, we take “America’s Game” and turn it into a metaphor for making your performance-based incentive plan a home run!

Together we’ll round the bases, offering actionable advice at every step:

  • First Base: Strategize
  • Second Base: Structure
  • Third Base: Manage
    • Market Your Program and Train Participants
    • Manage your program
  • Home Plate: Growth
    • Analyze Your Program
    • Optimize and Improve
Performance Based Incentive Plan p 6

The BthruB Incentive Program Playbook p. 6

In this book, you’ll also learn more about online rewards, the psychology of incentives, and best practices for segmenting your audience to personalize your program communication and drive ROI.

Take It to the Next Level with BthruB

Gear up to make a post-season run by teaming up with your channel partners and other intermediary businesses. These days, business is a collaborative effort. Manufacturers sell through distributors, distributors sell through dealers, wholesalers sell through contractors…the list goes on. It’s what we mean when we say BthruB: Businesses aren’t selling to other businesses, as much as they’re selling through other businesses. Today, B2B sales rely on partnerships, they rely on trust, they rely on relationships. Find out how to use incentives to build and solidify those qualities in The BthruB Incentive Program Playbook.

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About Nichole Gunn

Nichole Gunn is the VP of Marketing at Incentive Solutions, an Atlanta-based incentive company that delivers advanced, agile B2B customer loyalty and channel sales incentives programs.

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