How to Get the Most Out of Performance Tracking Tools

by | Jul 18, 2018 | Performance Incentives

Incentive Solutions has fine-tuned performance tracking tools to make it faster and easier for you to collect the data you need to reach your sales goals. Learn how to better meet the needs of your end-clients by discovering the habits of your distribution network. Put our Performance Tracking Module to work for your bottom line.

Convince Your Team to Submit Sales Data Quickly

Ironically, one of the biggest struggles faced by incentive programs is motivating participants to submit sales data. An effective way to avoid this problem is by making data submission second-nature. You need a program with enticing rewards and effortless ease-of-use. When possible, integrating this process with the sale is ideal, but we know that doesn’t work in every situation.

Without that sales data, you can’t assign incentive rewards or use rewards to stimulate more sales of your product. You can’t even identify who should receive information on your new programs. Without engagement, your incentive program is completely ineffective.

It’s hard to see companies invest in robust programs to stimulate growth only to have their results fall flat due to such basic roadblocks. If your rewards program is floundering, ask yourself, “How can I make it easier for people to take part?”


Our performance tracking tools paired with our Mobile App offers you an option, accessible 24-hours a day, which sports an intuitive user interface. Submitting sales information can be as simple as taking a picture or scanning a barcode. Busy salespeople, distributors and customers submit data easily from anywhere whenever they have the time.

This ease-of-use increases the number of people participating, but it also impacts your company’s reputation in your given industry. Ask any travel agent to list their favorite resorts, and you see a common trend. When discussing properties with similar features, agents show a strong preference to those with programs that make claiming free rooms and extra commissions easy. Those with difficult reward systems don’t get as much as attention, even from agents who don’t participate in reward programs.

Assign Rewards Automatically

The fastest way to dull participation in a rewards program is laggy processing. How quickly can you act on a claim once it’s submitted?

Participants talk, and if you ask someone to register sales data only to drag your feet when assigning credit, it does more than frustrate your sales network. People who are trading effort in exchange for rewards won’t just feel unappreciated. They won’t stop at feeling forgotten. If those rewards don’t materialize, they’ll feel ripped off!

The faster you process the credit for those sales, the better. Nothing is faster than real-time. With our system, you control the types of credit given in exchange for sales and how dollars convert into rewards. You determine what types of verification you accept before finalizing those deals. Once established, the process initiates as soon as participants submit verifiable data.

Our performance tracking tools collect all the information you need to quickly and efficiently reward those efforts.

Identify Participants for Data Tracking Purposes

At the heart of the issue is finding out who needs your support to become a better ambassador for your business. Find out which of your sales team members are flourishing and how their processes differ from those who aren’t meeting their potentials. Determine which distributors are moving more of your product and the reasons why. Identify what is motivating your customers to buy.

How can you do more of all of that? It begins with finding the right people to watch.

While it sounds simple enough, you – and other business representatives – are searching for solutions for a reason. Performance tracking involves an endless number of cogs. You need serious organization in place to make things run smoothly. At Incentive Solutions, we’ve already invested the time and money into figuring out how these structures work.

Performance Tracking Tools from Incentive Solutions

Even with a framework in place, it’s easy to lose track of moving pieces when you’re dealing with a complicated sales and promotion structure. That’s especially true when you have participants, like supplies, who are sales members and customers too. Our Performance Tracking Module automates this process for you.

Our system helps you quickly identify and sort these people into their respective roles as soon as they submit an invoice, receipt or other sales data. The appropriate promotional information will then go to the right people based on what role they play in the sales process and which reward programs are more relevant to them.

Make sure to invest in performance tracking tools that really help you meet your goals. Speak with an ROI-certified account manager today to design a program customized to your bottom line.

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About Luke Kreitner

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