Planning Corporate Events with Technology

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Every year we continue to improve and make advancements in technology. We have reached a point where virtually every industry can benefit from these improvements. For corporate event planners, there are now countless technological solutions to aid in the planning process as well as numerous tools to enhance the overall experience for participants.

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Not only can technology help make drastic improvements to corporate events, it can also make planning easier, eliminating a large amount of stress for event planners. This typically creates more time, allowing your event planner to focus on more specific details of the event.

So how can technology be used effectively to make your business events memorable and exciting? Put the tips listed below the test. You’ll be happy you did.

Planning Software + You = BFF!

With countless planning programs available to the public now, using them to organize your corporate event should be a no brainer. If you are an experienced corporate event planner, you are well aware that putting together an event or conference is much more complicated than simply choosing a venue and creating the guest list. Not only do you have to keep the company’s budget in mind, it is also necessary to think about entertainment, catering, communication and employee satisfaction, to name a few list items…

Using software to keep everything on track can be truly beneficial. Not only can it help keep track of spending expenses, it is also a great tool to help manage time and task completion.

Register Online

The Internet is another technological tool that can be useful in planning corporate events and conferences. One of the main goals of a corporate event planner is to maximize participation. When employees are not required to register or have to RSVP by phone, the process can be extremely confusing.

Technology has made this process much easier with. The use on online registration. With this option, employees can now register online at anytime, and instantly receive confirmation of their purchase. Planners can also use this system throughout the planning process to let participants know about event scheduling and other details.

Utilizing Social Media

By now we can assume almost everyone uses some sort of social media. For corporate event planners, this means it can be a great way to connect with event attendees. Encourage participants to “check in” at your event using applications such as FourSquare or Facebook on their Smartphones. This is a fun way to engage your audience while also incorporating modern technology into your corporate event.

We hope you found these tips useful. If you are not currently setting these practices to work for your company, give it a try. You’ll be happy you did!

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