Restaurant loyalty program coming to South Florida

by | Apr 18, 2012 | Customer Loyalty, Loyalty Programs

FeedingFrenzee, a leading customer reward program and loyalty initiative, recently started providing its services in South Florida.

The web-based marketing community for restaurants provides nearby eateries with an affordable and effective customer loyalty program due in part to its online marketing strategy. Not just any coupon portal, the company’s website offers a platform that functions to attract new consumers to successful establishments and those offerings are now available in the southern part of the Sunshine State.

“We understand that private restaurant owners often don’t have the time, budget or experience to create a restaurant marketing strategy and use today’s Internet technology effectively,” said Tinka Hooper, company president. “That’s where FeedingFrenzee comes in. We help them get the word out about their establishment at a fraction of the cost to do it on their own. It levels the playing field. When these smaller, independent restaurants become part of our fast-growing community, they have the same marketing power as the big guys. They’re no longer David going up against Goliath.”

Restaurants that sign up receive a profile on FeedingFrenzee’s website that will be browsed by hungry nearby citizens. The companies also have the ability to decide the amount of discount they offer new customers, anywhere from 5 to 25 percent, or other offers, including a free appetizer or dessert with any purchase.

“FeedingFrenzee is a simple, inexpensive way for restaurants to explode their sales and profits,” Hooper added. “It helps them attract a steady stream of new customers while encouraging regular patrons to keep coming back. These restaurants no longer have to place costly print ads or track coupons. They get exposure to the entire FeedingFrenzee community, and the results are immediate.”

Loyalty and reward programs are also prevalent in the credit card industry. Loyalty initiatives through these companies can lead to easy ways to redeem points for attractive offerings including gifts and other products in addition to cash. Some customer loyalty programs through credit cards offer travel incentives as well, including airline miles and other deals and discounts from some of the world’s leading airline companies.

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About Nichole Gunn

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