The 4 Roles of Rewards in Distribution Channel Management

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Distribution Channel, Incentive Rewards, Reward Programs

Trust and collaboration are essential to a successful distribution channel. Channel partners are more invested and cooperative when they have positive experiences and emotional engagement with your brand. When this is the case, your channel partners are more amendable to capturing extra data, providing insights, and participating in sales promotions. Let’s take a look at four ways that incentive rewards can contribute to distribution channel management by helping you engage, educate, and connect with channel partners.

Capture end-user data with open enrollment.

A publicly accessible, open enrollment form allows any customer or end-user to sign up for your incentive program.

Increase warranty registration submissions.

An online sales claim submission and verification tool allows channel partners to quickly and easily warranty registrations in exchange for incentive rewards.

Learn more about channel partners from reward activity & campaigns.

You can learn more about your channel partners’ and end-users’ interests, lifestyles, and demographics based on their reward activity and engagement with different reward campaigns.

Identify training gaps and opportunities.

Reward channel partners for finishing training videos, webinars, courses, or quizzes. You can then address knowledge gaps with personalized training enablement strategies.

incentives contribute to distribution channel management

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