Scale Computing Revamps for Marketing Focused Channel Partner Program

by | Jul 13, 2011 | Channel Sales

Scale Computing’s two-tiered channel partner program has been revamped to offer a greater level of service and benefits to its top-tier partners. In a recent announcement, the clustered storage solutions provider’s vice president of business development and marketing at the company Peter Fuller noted that the partner program now has four tiers which will allow for increased marketing-focus and sales benefits to the top tier. The levels now consist of: preferred, select, choice, and engaged.

Fuller explained, “We had only two tiers before, and it was a little overly simplistic where we tried too much of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.”

An additional tweak to the program allows for the categorization of partners based on sales volume, rather than size. Along with this, preferred and select partner levels now allow for perks, such as access to newsletters specifically geared toward the individual partner, and the chance to be involved in corporate events with the vendor.

Striving for an almost ‘agency’ feel, Fuller stated, “We want to let partners piggyback on what we are doing, to do things they wouldn’t be able to do on their own unless they are huge.”

To attain and keep specific tier status, preferred partners are required to gain revenue from the sale of seven clusters per year, and achieve needed training and certification, as well as effectively work alongside Scale’s internal marketing team to generate leads.

The choice tier partners are required to sell just one cluster on an annual basis. Specific requirements are lowered with each lower tier. The engaged level, or entry partner, are mostly “lifestyle value-added resellers” that are not primarily focused on sales from storage.

Members of each tier will be afforded certain benefits, including comprehensive support; partner portal for information, updates, and so on; and partner technical training. Preferred partners will also benefit from company generated leads, funds for marketing development, as well as joint marketing resources and programs.

The Scale partner program is just about twice the size is was, and this was accomplished within one year, Fuller added. Due to its forceful recruitment strategies the company has acquired almost 350 partners, and is aggressively seeking more.

Scale didn’t stop there though, since its revamping announcement, it now has partner incentives for HP VARs that come on board. Using the ‘timely’ marketing factor, the company is also offering free web-based training in technical, marketing, and sales, for a limited time. And, there is a bonus incentive of $350 for speedy sales.

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