Secrets For Last Minute Packing For an International Trip

by | Jun 2, 2015 | Incentive Solutions, Incentive Travel, Travel Incentives

You would think traveling the world for a living would make me a packing professional. Wrong. I spend months planning travel programs, combing over every detail to make sure they go off without a hitch. I spend hours before I have to leave for the airport frantically running around my apartment stuffing everything I think I need into a giant suitcase.

After planning something for months, you would think that I would know my departure date and plan ahead accordingly to make sure I don’t have a panic attack during the packing phase of a trip. To attempt to alleviate some stress…I start making a list of what I think I will need. The list stays on my bathroom mirror so I have to see it all the time. The night before I leave is when I realized I should have packed, or at least started, a week ago. As I sift through mountains of clothes finding the ones I want to bring and shoving them into suitcases as quickly as possible I tell myself…I will do this earlier next time.


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