Strategies to Improve Sales Calls and Increase Sales

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If a sales rep has sense, they will start all of their conversations by addressing their prospect’s point of view. They’ll encourage clients to be the first to speak and to share anything that comes to mind. This simple and direct route is geared toward getting the client to vocalize and share their pain points and is key for quickly closing a sale. Aside from letting your prospect speak their mind, here are some strategies to improve sales calls and close more sales.

“So fill me in on any news….”

Once you make it past the greeting phase and the obligatory exchange of pleasantries – don’t be afraid to take the next step forward. This should make your prospect feel good because it shows that you actually care about things that are going on in their business. If you’re lucky this will help build a relationship between you and your client.

“I’ve Got a customer who had that same problem. Here’s how we fixed it…”

Make an optimistic or positive comment on any of the updates they give you and thank them for their time and the news. As you hear need in any of the information they share with you, suggest services you offer that may be of interest to them. “It is important to try and be 100% engaged in every conversation. Sometimes we have to multitask but ask yourself, is the distraction fair to the client, prospect or even your organization? Actively listening to what is being said, how it is being said and just as importantly what is not being said has led to more sales than any other factor in my sales career. Yes. I said it. Sales to me are about problem-solving.”
Jerry Ryan, Senior Account Executive at Incentive Solutions.

“Here’s what we have going on…”

Share any personal or company news you think they may enjoy hearing. Then state how it was nice to hear their news because you recognize how you can potentially help them out with one of your new service offerings.

Match updates to potential interest

In two minutes or less, describe the line of new services you’re offering. Focus on how specific services align with what your prospect just shared with you, and follow with the question “Would this be helpful for you?” The key to successful selling is to leave your quotas and your goals at the door. Instead, ask questions about their business and pay very close attention to the information they share. Work from your prospective client’s point of view to deliver the best possible customer service experience.

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