Swipely bringing its rewards program to Boston area

by | Jan 25, 2012 | Customer Loyalty

Swipely, a rewards program provider for local merchants and consumers, recently announced plans to expand to the Boston area and help more than 150 local retailers turn credit card transactions into meaningful customer interaction.

The free loyalty and rewards program for that businesses that make up the nation’s Main Streets, Swipely will offer its new merchant members a convenient way to understand, engage and retain customers by offering a customer incentive program that uses personalized rewards based on detailed data analysis in lieu of impersonal coupons and keychain cards.

“Now more than ever, small businesses need our support. Swipely provides local merchants marketing tools to strengthen relationships with customers to grow repeat business,” said Angus Davis, CEO of Swipely. “Historically these sophisticated tools were in the exclusive realm of big-box brands. We are re-imagining the credit card network from a commodity payments platform into a valuable marketing tool for Main Street, and we’re just getting started.”

Swipely’s website offers a secure registration process, which leads to consumers having the ability to shop at any participating merchant and by simply paying with an enrolled credit or debt card they’re able to earn automatic cash-back rewards with each purchase.

The company has pioneered how direct marketing and loyalty initiatives, when done right, can drive business. Swipely boosts revenue for its members by using analytics to create personalized rewards. The system uses “big data” to help members grow two metrics: repeat purchase frequency and average purchase size.

Different from Groupon and other “daily deal” sites that offer fleeting deals and coupons that only last for a limited time and only serve to boost business momentarily, Swipely uses information to create a long-term plan that works to foster brand loyalty and encourages frequent customer vists.

“In addition, we are pleased to announce new direct marketing features that give our merchant members more value, and an easier one-step card registration that makes it easier for consumers,” Davis added.

Small and mid-sized businesses alike are finding the benefits that can be gained from a well-maintained and ran customer loyalty program. They are finding that the most successful loyalty programs are built on deep, long lasting relationships between the consumer and the merchant and those relationships can’t be built on one-time deals or by fleeting savings opportunities.

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