Teradici is About to Launch a New Channel Partner Program

by | Oct 26, 2011 | Channel Sales

Everyday, companies are implementing innovative strategies to help their channel partners service customers, increase their sales, and increase productivity. Channel incentive partner programs are one of the strategies that help companies reach these goals.

Teradici Corporation is one of these companies, and recently announced a new incentive program that will provide helpful training, sales, and marketing tools for partners.

Known for its development of cutting-edge PC-over-IP protocol that provides effective remote desktop display technology for corporate clients who use network computing, Teradici will have its new channel partner program available for distribution to its partners in December 2011.

The new program is designed to support the APEX 2800 server offload card, which in effect will support worldwide reseller partners that are “committed to selling the APEX 2800 server offload card.” It will also enhance the available sales and marketing tools and resources for those partners that are actively selling Teradici’s line of PCoIP desktop and workstation solutions.

In a press release published by MarketWatch.com, Teradici’s vice president of marketing, business development and systems engineering Trent Punnett said, “The launch of our channel program is an important step to ensuring both the sales success of our channel partners and the successful implementation of PCoIP solutions at end-user sites.” He added that as the number of partners involved in positioning Teradici’s PCoIP products increases, there will be a greater demand for qualified expertise and “best practices” in the field. The new channel program is one strategy to help guarantee both “quality and support.”

Further enhancing it channel partner commitment and provisions, Teradici will launch a partner portal that will afford partners easy access to a number of marketing materials, including:

  • A channel newsletter
  • Logo and brand guidelines
  • Product positioning
  • Product images
  • Customizable marketing campaign materials

The portal will also provide support for pre-sales and sales engineering teams, offering comprehensive tools, such as:

  • Training tools
  • Product and solution collateral
  • Demo Videos
  • White papers
  • Sales presentations

Another perk to its channel partner platform, Teradici will provide a Find a Reseller database, effective October 2011. This handy tool will offer customers interested in the company’s products a simple and concise solution to finding a local Teradici partner.

Bringing the channel industry into the highlights, the 2011 Channel Partners Conference & Expo boasted of its biggest ever attendee numbers. The Expo recognizes “the Top 50 Channel Programs as listed in Channel Partners Magazine.”

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