July, 2013

The New RewardTrax Leaderboard

The ISI group is proud to announce the new addition of the leaderboard module to our RewardTrax incentive marketing platform. Beginning July 1st you’ll be able to plug in any numbers you like and have them show up as a leaderboard for your incentive, recognition or loyalty program.

Gamification, or turning any activity or program into a game/competition by using a leaderboard, is one of the easiest ways to encourage participation and competition amongst your participants. It’s a quick and easy way to inspire engagement and participation in your program. It’s especially useful with sales people and the sales incentive programs they’re in because they’re fiercely competitive by nature.

The RewardTrax leaderboard module allows a data upload in the form of a spreadsheet into the reward system. Upon login, your participants will see where they stand as well as their team mates in terms of program metrics. Contact your account manager for more information.

On Sale Rewards

Starting July 1st on sale rewards items will now be available in the reward catalog. Your participants will be able to log in, click on shopping, then click the “On Sale Now!” tab, and see exactly which items they can save some points on! It’s easy. All items that are on sale will also be flagged as being on sale throughout the catalog.
Giving your participants ways to make their points worth more will only increase their engagement in your program, and thus cause them to complete more company objectives and earn your company more money. Your productivity and morale will go up since your participants’ points will go further , and your program, and your business, will enjoy more success as a result of it.

New Engagement Reporting

We know how important data is when deciding which promotions are successful, which aren’t, and what kind of ROI your program is producing.

To add to your reporting capabilities, we’ve launched a new level of engagement reporting that lets you filter the level of engagement your participants have with your reward program. This new reporting will categorize your participants into six different groups depending on their activity in your incentive program. Here are the different groups based on the participant’s activation status and their award activity and login activity over the previous 12 months:

  • Group 1 – Invited
  • Group 2 – New Enrollee
  • Group 3 – Not Engaged
  • Group 4 – Low engagement
  • Group 5 – Mid engagement
  • Group 6 – High Engagement

We’re hoping this new functionality will allow you to further concentrate your marketing efforts toward engaging all participants into your program, thus increasing your ROI. Call your account manager for more information.

Travel Deals

Check out some of the latest travel deals from Travel Solutions:

  • Melia Cabo Real – For group events booked between now and July 31, 2013, you’ll receive rates starting at $110 per person per night*. One complimentary room per every 40 rooms paid per night, private check-in with welcome cocktail, two complimentary rooms for two nights for site inspection and more!
  • Four Seasons Buenos Aires – For group events from May 1 to August 31, 2013, you’ll receive one complimentary room per 25 room nights occupied and 15% rooms attrition allowance up to seven days prior to arrival. Rates start at $290. Bookings must be for 10 rooms or more including food and beverage.
  • Luftner Cruises – Aboard the Amadeus – 8 Day Netherland and Belgium Cruise at $1406 per person. All meals included, 2 days anchored in Amsterdam, fine European wines served with every dinner, concierge for private touring.

Elite Performer of the Year – Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith, an Account Manager with the ISI group, is our 2012 Elite Performer of the Year! Sarah has a number of qualities that make her a highly valued employee. She received this recognition because even though she manages the highest number of reward programs, she still shows a sense of urgency for addressing every one of her clients’ needs. She pays great attention to all of her reward program’s details. She excels at open communication between herself, her clients, and her peers. She works hard to solve problems and keeps her clients reward programs updated in order to maximize their return on investment. She’s a hard worker and we can’t say thank you enough for the great job that she does. Thank you Sarah for all of your hard work!

ISI In The News

The Incentive Solutions group of companies was recently recognized in the “Best and Brightest Companies to Work for in Atlanta” competition. This award recognizes companies for creating and fostering an environment of success while placing an unheralded amount of value on employees. Companies undergo a rigorous examination of company history, values, practices, HR procedures, employee treatment, benefits, and compensation during the selection process. The Incentive Solutions group of companies is proud to thank our employees for making this award possible.

We Reward YOU!

This year we launched our Passport Points program, rewarding our clients for their business, referrals, or for completing quizzes and surveys within the program. If you haven’t received your invitation letter, contact your account manager for assistance. Rewards from the program can be used for office or personal use, or can be donated to one of four charities, highlighted in the program.

For more information about the Passport Points Program, please contact your Account Manager or call 1-800-844-5000.

Quarterly Spotlight

Star Performer of the Quarter – Blake Holtz
Blake Holtz is the designer for the ISI group and is the Star Performer of the Quarter! Blake received this recognition because her work ethic is unmatched. She ensures completion of projects and does it with a smile on her face. She works hard and is a model employee. We’re lucky to have her. Thank you Blake for all of your hard work!

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About Nichole Gunn

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