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October, 2014

Incentive Solutions Named As One Of Atlanta’s Best & Brightest Companies To Work For!

We’re proud to announce that Incentive Solutions has, once again, been named as one of the Best & Brightest companies to work for in Atlanta! This award is given to companies who excel in the following categories:

  • Compensation, benefits and employee solutions
  • Employee enrichment, engagement, and retention
  • Employee education and development
  • Recruitment, selection and orientation
  • Employee achievement and recognition
  • Communication and shared vision
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Work-life balance
  • Community initiatives
  • Strategic company performance

CEO Steve Damerow says “This award reinforces my belief that our 95% excellent rating from our 200+ clients wouldn’t be possible without the nurturing environment our employees foster.”

Coming To A Smartphone Near You – RewardTrax

Our online reward platform will soon be mobile. The system currently functions on all mobile platforms, but is not fully optimized for the best user experience. But thanks to the our in-house tech team, that’s all about to change. The RewardTrax experience will soon be available as an app, and will give your users an much better experience when they log into your reward program through their smartphone or any other device that supports apps. This optimized experience should drastically increase the levels of engagement experienced by participants, as they can log into and engage with your reward program while on the go. Contact your account manager to find out how to launch a mobile app for your incentive program.

Try The Learn & Earn Module Free For 90 Days

Are you looking for a way to educate your dealers, sales teams and employees? Our Learn & Earn Module lets you create a continual education curriculum inside of your reward program that builds participant knowledge about your products, services, features and benefits. With the Learn and Earn Module, you can easily upload and launch surveys, quizzes and training content into your reward program. The Learn and Earn Module motivates your participants to learn because it gives them access to millions of rewards when they successfully complete their training.

We’re giving a free 90 day test drive of the Learn & Module to the first three clients who respond to this newsletter. Simply reply to this email with the title “Learn & Earn.”

What Does Loyalty Mean?

You say you want your customers and distributors to become more loyal to your business, but what does it look like when they are? Being loyal to a business means an individual is providing maximum time, effort, and ability toward helping you achieve your company’s goals. The secret to producing loyalty in your participant base is to give them a reason to care about your business. This reason can be great products, customer service, discounts, reliability, incentive programs, or all of the above.

Our incentive reward programs give your clients, customers, and distributors the motivation to remain loyal. Our programs give your participants what they want – millions of rewards – in exchange for what you want – loyal customers increasing sales. Call us today at 1-866-567-7432 to find out more.


The Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA) is a group of companies that is dedicated to the concept of engagement as an endeavor that “begins with people and ends with profitability.” They’ve developed a formal curriculum on enterprise engagement which is designed to give people the understanding and tools they need to create engagement within their organizations. The Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA) offers 3 different levels of certifications: certified, advanced certified, and master certified engagement solutions provider.

Incentive Solutions and Loyaltyworks currently have several employees enrolled in the Engagement University. All are on track to become Master Certified Solutions Providers.

Upon certification, Incentive Solutions’ and Loyaltyworks’ account managers will possess the highest level of specialization currently available in the industry; and we’ll be sharing this expertise with our customers in an on-going basis. Customers will gain a deeper understanding of the Engagement Framework, the economics, tactics, and implementation process they need to optimize and measure results.

Quarterly Spotlight

Employee of the Quarter – Q1

Joe Perry, Senior Systems Engineer, is a newer addition to the ISI group. He got started with computers at a young age when he had to learn DOS commands to play games. His interest in computers and technology continued and, while working for the Geek Squad, he decided to pursue it as a career. He graduated from Bauder College with a degree in Information Technology Systems (Networking). Congratulations and thank you, Joe. We appreciate everything you do!

Employee of the Quarter – Q2

Ashley Lodge, Associate Account Manager, previously served as Account Coordinator Team Lead where she was responsible for overseeing customer service support, and for providing support to Account Managers to ensure the success of client programs. She is also the head of the office Care Committee. She graduated from Florida State University with a BA with a focus on editing, writing, and media. She enjoys fashion and writing. Congratulations Ashley! We appreciate all that you do.

New Team Members

We’d like to welcome the new additions to the ever-expanding ISI family. Thank you for helping us maintain our status as one of Atlanta’s best and brightest places to work!

  • Courtney Angstadt
  • Jabari Kiongozi
  • Graci Palovick
  • Carrie Kordys
  • Mattie Logan
  • Alexis Oubre
  • Kelly Menchinger

Participant Fanmail

I used In Store Pickup at Best Buy for my son’s birthday gift this year….on the day of my son’s birthday. What a life saver!


I just redeemed points for a new set of luggage for a trip to Paris! I also redeemed points for two tickets to tour the Catacombs of Paris, which was something we wanted to do but didn’t know if we’d have the budget. I am hoping that I can earn more points this quarter to redeem for two tickets to top of the Eiffel Tower!


I have been looking at upgrading my TV in my bedroom for a while now, but didn’t want to spend the cash on the new fancy. I saved up some points and cashed in big! The best part about it all was I ordered it on a Wednesday afternoon and it was waiting for me at my desk the next day when I got back from lunch! It was AWESOME! I couldn’t wait to leave work that day to get home and set it up.


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