Tips for Planning a Corporate Incentive Travel Program

by | Sep 3, 2013 | Incentive Industry, Loyalty Programs, Reward Programs, Sales Incentives, Travel Incentives

One of the best ways to motivate your employees is through corporate incentive travel.
The destination options are endless, and it can be done as a group or individual trip. A valuable tip to a successful travel program is to plan each trip with great care.

Follow a few of these tips below to help plan a suitable travel program for your company:

1. Determine your goals:

In order to have an effective incentive program, it is essential to clarify your objectives. What would you like to accomplish? It might be increasing sales, increasing production, or lowering costs and expenses. Whatever your objective may be, it is important to identify using specific terms. Using numerical values in your objectives can help reach them more quickly, and also motivate more effectively.

2. Target your audience:

Plain and simple: choose a group to target for the program. Allowing too many participants in overlapping groups can only cause confusion.

3. What does your audience enjoy?

The only way to motivate your participants with rewards and incentives is to understand what appeals to them. Use surveys or interviews to find out what your audience’s values, interests and preferences are.

4. Refer to the past:

What better way to see what to include in your program than to refer to previous incentive programs? Look back at past performances and employee behavior to understand what should and should not be done.

5. Track your progress:

What is the point of creating specific objectives if you do not plan to track results? Make sure a performance tracking system is established even before your program commences.

6. Consider Challenges:

Since there is always the possibility to run into obstacles, prepare ahead of time. Make a list of challenges you believe are possible and offer solutions to each problem.

7. How will your program be managed?

Whether it is done internally or through an agency, determine how your incentives program will be managed.

8. Research Tax Implications:

Because travel can often be taxable under certain conditions, it is important to know which tax forms are required.

9. Select a Reliable Travel Company:

When selecting a travel company to do business with, make sure they understand your budget and be fully aware of what their cancellation policy is.

10. Conduct Surveys:

When your program has concluded, give participants the chance to offer their feedback. Surveys can be used to determine whether your program was successful or not.

Corporate travel is not always about sending your employees on the most lavish trips. Although most companies dream of doing this, it may not fall into their budget. What many employers do not understand is that employees are often motivated by any incentive travel.

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