Turning Employees’ Frowns Upside Down in a Down Economic Climate

by | Jan 12, 2011 | Corporate Health and Wellness, Employee Recognition, Incentive Programs

Low employee morale leads to employee apathy; this is a common situation during economic climates, such as the one we are in now.

A number of employers in various industries propose that employee morale is at one of the lowest points in years. Part of the situation lies in the hands of the employers – rather than appreciating their staff by showing sincere concern and offering simple gestures of recognition, some employers have the opposite attitude: their employees should simply be grateful for having a job.

This attitude creates a dismal working environment and leads to a further drop in staff motivation. It becomes a catch-22 for the staff: they’re unhappy, but the job market and opportunities are lacking, so they’re stuck. This plays havoc with employee loyalty.

Even if this is the present situation in your company, there are strategies an employer can use to turn the company’s working environment around, thereby increasing employee morale.

In an article at HotelNewsNow.com, experts in the hotel industry discuss the current prevalence of unhappy employees and strategies that can help turn the situation around.

“At the organizational or team level, apathy can be overcome by positive and effective leadership. The team must understand and share their common goals and enjoy celebrating their successes,” explained Ed Mace, CEO and managing partner of Ascent Resort Partners in Montana.

Cathy Enz, Jr. Professor of Innovation & Dynamic Management at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, added, “Many hotels that have GMs who articulate a clear vision, care deeply about their people, tie performance to rewards in concrete ways, and model through their actions respect and dignity toward work will get loyal, energized and committed employees in return.”

Creating a strong management team, along with clear cut and obtainable goals will foster a better working environment. While some employee bonuses, incentives, and perks may not be affordable for a business, there are a number of simple, non-monetary incentive strategies that are just as effective at boosting morale.

Employees are the backbone of every business. Keeping them happy will foster greater motivation, loyalty, and productivity.

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