When to Use Card Rewards as Incentives

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Debit Card Rewards, Incentive Program, Incentive Programs, Incentive Rewards, Reward Programs

Motivating sales teams, engaging employees, increasing customer loyalty and building B2B relationships are not one-size-fits-all processes. To simplify your decision making, we’ve identified the three kinds of incentive program participant groups most likely to be motivated by a card rewards program:

card rewards infographic


International Participants

Want to show your gratitude for sales channel partners or loyal customers abroad? Virtual debit card rewards function the same as their physical counterparts but can be delivered and used around the globe instantly.

Salespeople in Short-Term Sales Promotions

An occasional shake-up in the professional landscape can energize and motivate sales teams. For short-term sales promotions, debit or gift card rewards at the finish line will sweeten the victory.

The Thrifty Ones

For the financially savvy employee, there’s nothing better than extra funds to lighten the monthly bill load or stack up toward retirement. Reward hard work with incentives compatible with their thrifty lifestyle.

Every member of your team has a unique set of skills and a unique set of needs. Card rewards programs are a versatile, stress-free way to inspire participants to meet your goals.

<strong>About </strong>Steve Damerow

About Steve Damerow

Steve Damerow is the Founder of Incentive Solutions, an incentive program provider in Atlanta specializing in helping B2B companies increase distribution channel sales, establish customer loyalty and retention, and develop long-lasting channel partnerships.

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