VCE Steps Away from Parents with Its Own Channel Program

by | Jun 14, 2011 | Channel Sales

CRN Technology News reported that Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) launched its very first independent channel initiative.

Previously dependent on its parent companies’ channel programs, VCE struck out on its own in the channel arena. The cloud infrastructure storage company, established in a joint venture between VMware, Cisco, and EMC back in 2009, designs “pre-configured, pre-tested storage solutions.”

Vice president of channel marketing for the company Pete Koliopoulos told CRN, “In November of 2009, we had 12 partners. Now we have over 100 major customers and many others, plus over 120 partners worldwide.”

With the increase in business and partners, VCE felt the need to create and increase its own channel platform, so initiated this unified program to eliminate the middleman (its parent companies) and deal directly with its own partners.

This move streamlines the channel partner experience. Before, VCE partners were required to “register customer deals with each of VCE’s individual partners.” This diluted process also affected the division of rebates and discounts, and added the burden of placing orders with each company. VCE and its channel partners can now breathe a bit easier; all solution provider orders, even ones obtained from distributors, will be processed directly by VCE. Deal registrations will also be unified through the company.

Koliopoulos explained to the news source that VCE made registering a deal a lot easier and added, “the discounts will be similar to what they received from the three companies in the past.”

Along with an independent channel program, the company is enhancing other aspects of its channel incentives for partners. VCE now offers a unit volume discount based on six-months of sales. The new features in addition to those incentives already in place will be stackable with other incentives offered by VCE’s parent companies.

Jamie Shepard, vice president of technology solutions at Massachusetts-based ICI, and long-time partner of VCE, noted that the streamlined single portal now used to buy Vblock Infrastructure Packages takes both time (three to five weeks) and effort off the process of completing projects.

EMC, a parent company of VCE, also reported it will be improving its Velocity Solution Provider Partner program. Three features being included in the improvements are: a partner association administrative tool, a newly revised discount format, and access to new marketing campaign tools.

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