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by | Aug 12, 2011 | Channel Sales

Research from Frost and Sullivan shows a steady climb in the network monitoring market. According to the business consulting and research firm, the data predicts a market rise to almost $2 billion by 2013. Top-performing industries are estimated to increase by 50 percent annually; these industries include telecommunications and video.

Keeping an eye on the trends, VSS Monitoring (a network optimization and visibility provider) just reported to IT Channel Insight that it initiated an innovative channel partner program, the VSS Monitoring Channel Partner Network. The program’s design focuses on providing partners with accessibility to an array of products that will aid them in widening their customer base. It is also intended to allow partners to enhance services provided to customers.

Vice president of Americas sales and business development for VSS Kevin Jablonski explained, “Our investment in the VSS Monitoring Channel Partner Network reflects our commitment to our partners’ success by providing the programs, training and support that will help them accelerate their business growth.”

Incentives offered through the channel include:

• The opportunity to supply enterprises
• Service Opportunities
• Access to government agencies and service provider with innovative technology solutions, which will help reduce expenses and boost applications availability
• Profitable margins

The VSS Partner Network highlights two tiers: elite partner resellers and premier partner resellers. It provides a round-the-clock portal for quick utilization of marketing and information strategies, support, and sales tools. A marketing and sales feature offers eligibility for co-marketing programs and qualified leads. In addition, partners are allowed access to learning resources that include: ongoing sales engineering maintenance options, ongoing regional field sales options; deal registrations and sales tools for enhanced margins; and in depth technical training by an instructor.

Along with this, enhanced price discounts are afforded to partners; these discounts can be used to influence the “incentivization of sales teams” and the production of noteworthy margins. This strategy will help lead to increased sales and cultivate company growth.

The program also offers partners access to marketing programs, trade show and advertising presence, and eligible sales leads produced by VSS via its website. Each feature is scrutinized before being presented. Maintenance and demonstration equipment are also discounted for partners.

In regard to training, partners are afforded flexible training options to better suit their needs. The options include: product training at the VSS office, online training, or onsite training. And, the training is presented by specialized teams: sales representatives, members of VSS’s customer support services, and development engineers.

Further enhancing the programs value VSS offers free technical support and the company’s monitoring solutions engineering department is on-call for escalated circumstances requiring additional support.

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