Ways to Start Your Online Rewards Program Off Right

by | Jun 12, 2017 | Incentive Industry, Incentive Program, Incentive Programs, Incentive Rewards, Incentive Solutions

If you plant a seed in dry, crusty dirt, you can’t expect it to grow well. You need to give it water, soil, nutrients, and lots and lots of TLC from the beginning if you want to see it flower. The same is true for your incentive program! The key to a healthy online rewards program is a strong start.

If you’re preparing to roll out an online incentive program—or just looking to revitalize one that’s gotten a little wilted—we’ve got four essential tips here to incorporate into your launch marketing and get your rewards program off to a fresh start.

The Name Game

An online incentive program is a great way to reward hard work and customer loyalty, but it’s important for your program to have an identity. A creative name or theme that aligns with your brand will help keep your program a step above others.

Brand Your Rewards Points

When contemplating how to brand your online rewards program, remember that because your points are digital, you can make them look however you want. Instead of just have generic “points,” you can brand your points as coins, bucks, cats… whatever fits your brand!

And don’t stop there—remember that your rewards program website can also be customized to fit your brand and mission. Make it yours!


Once you’ve announced your launch date, be sure to keep the hype flowing with occasional email reminders leading to opening day. An online timer counting down to program launch can be an exciting reminder for your participants that they’ll soon be accumulating points.

Fun Kick-Off

Start your rewards program off right with something fun to get participants engaged straight from the get-go. Holding a contest with a points bonus as a reward is a fun way to get your participant base interested and talking about the program. If you really want to go all-out and promote the program’s inception, think about holding a launch party! There’s no better way to get people excited about your new online incentive program than with a celebration.


Want more tips on how to get your online rewards program off to a running start? Check out our slideshare below!

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