Who says merchandise incentives are the only way to go?

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There is a certain satisfaction for incentive program participants when they receive a debit card reward for a job well done. In our industry, merchandise incentives may reign supreme, but I believe that our debit card programs put up stiff competition. Creating a debit card rewards program generates an “eyes on the prize” mentality. Participants break it down in their minds as an equation:

If X number of sales= X number of dollars, then I need X sales to purchase X.

If 10 sales = $500, then I need 10 sales to purchase an iPad.

The participant then pushes themselves to reach their sale goal and achieve the desired reward item. Sure, our catalog supports the Apple Store, but the thrill of receiving your debit card in the mail and walking into the Apple Store by yourself generates the instant gratification of “I did that. I made that happen.”


A debit card program requires participants to complete a small task online, usually registering sale details of an item within their industry. This “claim” is then audited to ensure it doesn’t create a duplicate or invalid sale, approved, and moved through the funding process. In a quick turnaround, participants have their award come by mail as a plastic card of opportunities. From there, they are free to do what they wish with their debit cards, no limitations or catalogs to sift through.

In a society that is pushing all aspects to online and mobile technology, how do we support those who are not computer-savvy in their attempts to be engaged in an online platform? We give them one option: the debit card. This one-stop rewards program requires minimal contribution from the participant’s standpoint. The process is simply to sell, register your sale online, receive your reward, spend your reward, and repeat.

Email Reward Card

To pair online technology with debit card reward programs, Incentive Solutions simply takes the hassle out of multiple steps, and creates a clear-cut action plan for the participant to receive their reward, all while incentivizing them to work towards a goal.


By: Alexis Oubre

Account Coordinator


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