Manufacturer Contractor Incentive Program


Return on Investment


Ductless HVAC units are not the first thing contractors think of when going on a quote call; most tend to lean towards the standard
ducted systems. By providing an incentive for the contractors to quote the ductless units, the company hoped to change their thinking so that they sell these units to the consumers. Ultimately, the company needed to educate both the contractors and the consumers, making them aware of the products and their


The incentive program has shown growth in the last year with an increase of 45% for eligible units claimed as part of the program. Data also shows a 307% ROI. Initially, the promotion was scheduled to run for 45 days annually; however, as a result of the great success of this program, the company has just completed their first ever spring and summer promotions.

The Solution:

Incentive Solutions established an incentive reward program that had several goals. The first was to increase sales of ductless HVAC units, followed by increasing market share and awareness among HVAC contractors.

The program was first announced internally and to distributors two months prior to program launch via a mailed program bulletin. Next, the contractors received information about the program through direct mail, but also via social media outlets to include Facebook and Twitter. Finally, email reminders were sent to contractors to encourage program registration.

Contractors were awarded for entering sales of eligible products into the incentive programs “performance tracking” feature. Once approved, the contractors were awarded with a company branded reloadable VISA card. Their awards are continuously loaded as an ongoing reward for all eligible products purchased.