Your incentive program is only as successful as the level of participation.

From snail mail, to email, PPC, and social marketing, we utilize the best marketing tactics and build
the best ABM strategies to ensure you engage your audience, and get them participating in your
incentive program. Creative, conceptual thinking and keen attention to detail enable us to create
unique program themes that drive awareness of excitement about your incentive program. we're here to
ensure your incentive program succeeds!

Check out our incentive program communication plans!

Our basic incentive program communication plans are included with program set-up cost! Stick with the
basic, 12-month communication plan to drive participant activity and interest, or take things to the
next level with extra, opt-in touch points. Or go full-on rogue with your own unique, custom marketing

Á la carte creative services and marketing strategies.

Communication is key to your incentive program’s success. Upon request, we can deliver customizable
promotional materials, as well as online training and surveys, leaderboards
and social media for ultimate participant engagement.

  • HTML email and promotional Web sites
  • Training support materials such as multimedia CDs and online quizzes
  • Newsletters – both print and e-mail
  • Personalized direct mail (ex. – welcome letters, printed statements)
  • Tradeshow marketing
  • Premiums / giveaways
  • Custom statements
  • Marketing strategy and communications planning