When you partner with Incentive Solutions you benefit from 30+ years of experience developing and managing distributor incentive programs that work.

Our distributor incentive programs work because they're designed to target challenges, pain points and distribution channel headaches. So, what's bothering you?


Difficulty Collecting Sales Data?

Dealers hold the key to the sales data you need to increase market share, and you’re fresh out of strategies to convince them to hand it over.

The best dealer loyalty programs make it easy for dealers to share their data with you. Here’s how:

  • Mobile uploads and instant claims verification
  • Automatic updates to backend user data with each verified claim
  • Access to 40+ free program reports

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Lack of Integrated Technologies?

Your data lives in so many places, keeping you from developing the channel strategies you need to improve customer retention and gain market share.

Tidy up with one easily-accessed sales tool that:

  • Stores sales and customer data in one place
  • Simplifies the data transfers from one platform to another
  • Builds cleaner, fuller buyer profiles
  • Integrates with your CRM, LMS and marketing automation platform

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Stolen Market Share?

Opportunities to steal market have passed you by, and your competitors – did they get an incentive program recently? – are starting to move in on your territory.

Reinforce your market share and steal even more from your business rivals with a dealer loyalty program that:

  • Increases mindshare with every sales promotion, reward redemption, and interaction
  • Engages participants wherever they go – with a mobile app!

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Lack of Product Knowledge?

You’ve been so laser-focused on your end-users that dealer training has fallen to the wayside. Now, you can’t help but wonder, “Are my dealers passing on my value proposition to end-users?”

Train dealers with ease using incentive software designed to:

  • Make learning easy with on-the-go access to training courses and certifications
  • Educate dealers about your product offerings with fun quizzes and trivia
  • Reward dealers for learning up on new products, releases and services

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