Want more than just rewards fulfillment from your incentive solutions?

Harness the power of rewards paired with our online incentive technology. Increase sales and customer loyalty, steal market share and prove ROI.

So, how do you set up an incentive program that works for your goals?

Call us! Not ready to give us a call yet? May we suggest you begin building your incentive reward program by following these four steps?

Step 1:
Choose the incentive programs that work best for your participants.

Who is your target audience? These are the people who help you accomplish the goals you’ve set for your company. Whether that’s channel sales reps, in-house sales teams, customers, contractors or dealers, the best rewards programs reward participants each time they move the needle forward on your vision, whether that’s to increase sales or develop better customer retention strategies.


Channel Incentive Program

Your competitors are probably using a channel incentive program to steal your market share, why don't you?



Sales Incentive Programs

Need a hand motivating sales teams and maximizing performance?



Customer Loyalty Program

Here's how you can edge out the competition with a B2B loyalty program.



Employee Motivation Program

Pump up employee motivation and loyalty with a rewards and recognition program.



Dealer Incentive Program

How do you set yourself apart from other vendors in your dealer's eyes?


Step 2:
Choose the best rewards program for your participants.

One size fits all corporate incentives meant to motivate everyone fall flat every time. The best reward programs diversify rewards, keeping all participants, from all generations, coming back for more.


Online Rewards

Push your middle-performing majority into top-tier status with millions of reward options from our online rewards catalog.

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Debit or Gift Card Rewards

Any participant can get behind a rewards program stocked with gift cards to 175+ brands, or VISA® debit rewards.

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Incentive Travel

Be a part of the memories top-earners cherish. Incentive travel experiences have the longest shelf life.

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Corporate Event Management

Rally your people behind your cause with memorable corporate meetings or events hosted by Incentive Solutions.

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Step 3:
Choose your advanced, online incentive solutions.

Let’s recap because this is where things can get a little tricky. You’ve picked the type of incentive program you want to run and the rewards type you want to use. Now, it’s time to pick the technology that will power it all. Then, choose the billing plan that’s best for your budget.


The Basic Package

All of our incentive programs start with The Basic Package, This not-so-basic package includes a free communications plan, free program reports, an account manager, and in-house customer service.


Add-on Performance Software

Full stack incentive automation software to help you track sales performance, integrate data in one place, and more. They're powerful alone, but better together.


Payment and Billing Options

Flexible payment and billing options let you choose how you pay for your rewards program.

Choose the right incentive company for you.

Choose a company with 30+ years of experience developing, managing and helping companies market their tactical, ROI proven incentive programs. When you partner with Incentive Solutions, you enjoy free program reports, free promotional campaigns, an ROI-certified account manager, and best of all plug-and-play style incentive technology designed to target your pain points. So, are you ready? Because we are! We're ready to be your…


Trusted Advisor

Our consultants are ROI-certified to make sure your program succeeds.


Tech Nerd

Our in-house tech team continually develops the latest, greatest technology.


Brand Ambassador

We promote your program and engage participants to drive higher ROI.

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