Example of a Successful HVAC Incentive Program: Top Manufacturer Increases Sales

Incentive Solutions teamed up with a Fortune 500 HVAC manufacturer to create an award-winning channel incentive program that resulted in a 307% ROI!

The Situation:

Although ductless HVAC units are more efficient than standard systems and save end-consumers money in the long-run, upfront costs are greater. Contractors were reluctant to make the switch and lacked the product knowledge to sell end-consumers on the benefits of ductless units. Our client knew they had to inspire change and that doing so would require a unique value proposition.

The Solution:

Based on a series of whiteboard sessions, Incentive Solutions helped our client design an incentive reward program to create awareness, build mindshare, increase sales and gain market share of ductless HVAC units.

Incentive Solutions helped the client create a custom B2B marketing plan for the program. Two months prior to launch, the program was announced internally and to distributors via mailed program bulletins. We followed up with a multi-channel marketing campaign, including direct mailers and social media. Finally, contractors received emails encouraging program registration.

After registering, contractors could enter eligible sales claims into the incentive program’s Performance Tracking Module. When claims were validated, the contractors earned funds on a company-branded Visa® card, which was reloaded with funds from each eligible purchase.

The Results:

The incentive program was a success, achieving:

  • 307% ROI
  • 45% increase in sales of eligible units

What was originally scheduled to be a 45-day, annual promotion has become a regular part of the HVAC manufacturer’s sales and marketing strategy, with year-round promotions. The company has just completed their first ever spring and summer promotions.

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