Your incentive program management experts.

Our account managers stay by your side, servicing all your incentive needs and helping you overcome any hurdles that stand in your way.

Our account managers are experienced and eager to serve you.

Incentive Solutions’ Senior Account Managers have over 10 years of experience in the incentive industry and serve as a natural extension of your brand. At Incentive Solutions, we support all aspects of your incentive program, including planning, design, implementation, management, and return on investment (ROI).

In addition to seasoned account managers, we have a full-time team dedicated to making sure your incentive program participants have an excellent experience. Not only that, but our software is created entirely in-house by a team of developers. This means we can completely shoulder all elements of incentive program management for you, continuously improve your participants’ experience, and find creative solutions to your channel challenges.

No matter what your incentive program management needs may be, our account managers have you covered.

Technology is a powerful tool to speed up processes and reduce manual workloads. But today’s business software isn’t yet advanced enough to think creatively and develop agile solutions to the constantly changing challenges of the channel. We’ve found there’s no substitute for human experience and collaboration. Out account managers don’t just show you how to use our technology, they help you apply it in ways that give you a unique, competitive edge.

Our account managers meet quarterly with you to review important analytics such as participant engagement, key performance indicators (KPIs), goal tracking and, ultimately, whether your incentive program is doing what you want it to. All account managers are trained on best practices and ROI strategies. We show you how your marketing dollars are spent, how they’re performing, and where you need to adjust tactics to achieve the best possible results. Some ways we partner with you in success include:

Event Staffing
  • Together we’ll plan, design, and launch an incentive program that’s built custom to your goals.
  • We take care of program set-up and ensure smooth onboarding for both your internal team and your program participants.
  • We’ll help you train your program managers—or we can fully incentive program management for you!
  • We’ll analyze your program regularly to determine if it’s running according to best practices and achieving ROI. 
  • Need a piece of custom coding? Just tell your account manager what you’d like and our in-house incentive software developers will make it happen! 

Incentive Program Launch Plan: A Step-by-Step Walkthrough.

Wondering what the process of designing and managing incentive compensation programs looks like?

Check out this sample implementation timeline. Standard implementation typically takes approximately 8 weeks.

Step 1

Program Setup & Onboarding
Join your Account Manager for a kickoff meeting, where we’ll go over program strategy, accounting, and discuss branding for your incentive program management platform.

Step 2

Creative Work & Enrollment
We design your reward program management platform, set up your enrollment method, and create a program communication calendar. This ensures the right people are enrolled in your program and that you’re getting the right data during registration.

Step 3

Data Management
Together, we’ll set up your promotions, build out your add-on modules, confirm award structure, upload participants, and review data templates.

Step 4

System Training & Testing
We will activate your admin account and train your internal admins. Next up is program review, where we’ll iron out any wrinkles and put on the finishing touches.

Step 5

This is crunch time. It’s all hands on deck to make sure your program launches smoothly. This is when we focus on ensuring that the user experience is performing well, and we address any problems immediately.

Step 6

Program Review
We ensure your program is running smoothly and review it with you quarterly to discuss performance, tactics, and the effectiveness of your marketing dollars.