Build product familiarity and boost brand loyalty with a value-added reseller (VAR) incentive program.  

Incentives help you establish stronger relationships and drive revenue with vital VAR channel partners.

Our VAR incentive programs help suppliers better connect with resellers to increase sales, improve market share, and maximize profit margins.

Value-added resellers (VARs) play a key role in your customers’ satisfaction and your products’ success. They act as a direct point of contact to customers, who often see them as a trusted advisor. As a supplier, establishing strong relationships with VAR channel partners is one of the best ways to understand customer needs and buying trends. When you have this insight from those who interact direct with your customers, you can develop better strategies to increase sales and strengthen brand loyalty. VAR incentive programs are an exciting and effective way to connect with VARs, offering them personal value and meaningful experiences with your brand. Rewards provide resellers with greater incentive to stay educated on your products, working harder and more closely with you to increase sales and customer loyalty!

Here are some of the ways a VAR reseller incentive program can help your business.

  • Align your VARs’ behaviors with your sales goals and strategies.

  • Motivate VARs to provide you more customer and sales data so you can improve sales strategies.

  • Increase VAR partner retention by nurturing a mutually beneficial and rewarding partnership.

  • Increase product enthusiasm and knowledge by rewarding VARs for training participation.

  • Drive brand preference by becoming a source of personal value and positive emotions.

  • Connect with VARs to capitalize on market opportunities and shifting buyer trends.

These incentive reward types work well in VAR incentive programs.

Each type of incentive rewards has its own unique advantages and strengths. We make sure that the brands partnered with us are set up for success with the right reward to achieve their goals. Below are the reward types we recommend if your goal is to increase sales and loyalty with your VAR channel partners.

Online Rewards

Incentive Solutions’ online reward catalog features millions of rewards in ticketed event, travel and merchandise categories. These non-cash rewards carry personal significance and trophy value because your reseller incentive program participants select the rewards most appealing and motivating to them.

Debit or Gift Card Rewards

Single-use, reloadable and virtual debit card reward options can be used wherever VISA® is accepted. Debit card programs are an excellent reward solution for far-reaching reseller networks, as VISA® debit cards are accepted almost anywhere in the world.

Incentive Travel

Not only will resellers in your program look forward to the novel opportunity for an incentive trip, but the excitement surrounding the excursion extends to memories, conversations and social media photo-sharing, all of which positively reflect on your reward program and organization.

Why choose us as your VAR incentive program provider? 

You’re not short on options when it comes to choosing an incentive program company. So what are the advantages of partnering with Incentive Solutions? Our incentive programs work because we embrace the fact that technology alone can’t achieve great results or solve complex channel challenges. Incentive programs shouldn’t be just another software added to your tech stack. They should be full-scale, adaptable solutions. They should align with and enhance your sales and marketing strategies. By combining technology with rich data and expert services, Incentive Solutions helps you develop a strategic solution built to supercharge your specific goals. 

Incentive Technology

Our platform’s powerful base is just the start. We create an incentive program branded to you and powered by the tools and features you select.

  • Manage the program and track performance from your administrative portal.  
  • Participants can access the rewards catalog and their account info from the participant portal. 
  • Enhance program performance and capabilities anytime with 10+ add-on modules.

Data, Analytics & Reports

Your incentive program’s value is tied to its performance. Accurate, accessible data and analytics helps you gauge its performance. We make this data and more available to you 24/7, at no extra cost:

  • Analyze participant activity reports such as program enrollment, account activation, engagement, and reward redemption. 
  • Gather comprehensive performance summaries from dashboards.
  • Track progress toward your goals with dynamic charts and graphs.  

Support & Services

Our team of incentive experts serve as an extension of your company. Our years of experience give your program a unique competitive edge. Support and services include:

  • Full-time participant and reward redemption support teams. 
  • In-house developers improving our incentive technology and data security. 
  • Communication specialists who develop marketing plans to boost your program’s activity.  
  • Dedicated account managers trained to help your program exceed ROI.