Our incentive software technology gives you greater visibility into your sales channels. 

Technology Overview:

Incentive technology should be designed with your needs in mind, driving behaviors that help you meet your objectives.

Our incentive technology started off as a basic rewards platform. But over many years of working closely with our clients, we learned they had pain points no one was solving. So, we decided to transform our rewards system into the true B2B incentive marketing platform that it is today. When we say our tech is designed for our clients, we mean it!

Our incentive programs flex to address your specific pain points, and can help you:

  • See who’s buying your products all the way through your channel.
  • Identify and seize on opportunities for increasing mind and wallet share by identifying what your customers could be buying and how they’re engaging with your business.
  • Gain full visibility into your channel and its behavior with reporting and analytics you can access with no additional charge. It’s your data!
  • Get your message and your promotions out to all of your targets with our standard and custom communications plans.

Base Package:

Incentive Management Software – Good things start in small packages.

At Incentive Solutions we start you off with the base package, which provides you with the tools, functionality and full-service support needed to get your incentive program started. Our base package is unique in the incentive industry because it includes:

    Our incentive programs flex to address your specific pain points, and can help you:


    • A branded participant portal where your participants can track their progress & redeem their points on…
    • Millions of merch rewards, exclusive travel options, and tickets to the hottest concerts & events from our online rewards catalog.
    • An admin portal where you can manage your program, access detailed reports & adjust promotions on the fly.
    • Data-driven strategy and incentive program management from a team of ROI-certified experts.
    • Continual updates & improvements from our in-house team (everything is designed & supported in-house)
    • An annual communication plan to enroll participants & keep them engaged—on the house (ask about our custom options!)
    • The option to enhance your program with any of our add-on modules.

    Add-On Modules:

    Which modules best fill your incentive program needs?

    Our add-on incentive software modules integrate seamlessly into your incentive program – making it easier than ever to accomplish your company’s incentive goals.

      Performance Tracking

      Beef up data collection across your distribution channel, target multiple verticals, & run simultaneous promotions.

      CRM Integration

      Never miss a beat with this module, which seamlessly integrates your incentive program with your existing CRM, marketing automation, or ABM platforms.


      Motivate sales reps with this fun, competitive module that lets internal sales reps & channel partners compete for bragging rights.

      Org. Structure and Advanced Reporting

      Get specific. in your approach to vertical marketing by segmenting B2B partners by region, department, or organization.

      Open Enrollment

      Eliminates entry barriers to your incentive program and allows potential leads to enroll in your incentive program with no invitation.

      Quick Points

      An effective, easy to use tool that reinforces positive behaviors and can help set the hook with potential leads at events and tradeshows.

      Integration Services

      Integrate your incentive software with your company websites and employee portals for maximum engagement.


      Improve brand awareness, increase product knowledge, and build mindshare with interactive quizzes, trivia and surveys.

      Total Recognition Suite

      Create the kind of culture your competitors envy and increase user engagement with an interactive, social media styled recognition wall.


      Game-like elements make your incentie program much more fun and engaging. This one’s especially useful for onboarding and long-term engagement.

      Advanced Communication

      Customize email marketing. toprogram participants with email scheduling, and standard or custom templates.

      More than just incentive software programs.

      Are you in the B2B customer retention business? Because we are. This isn’t a one-time deal where you end up with software programs that are supported by automated emails, instruction manuals, or a ticket in a call center. Along with our incentive technology, you’ll be paired up with a dedicated Account Manager, who will work with you to understand the nuances of your specific industry and your unique challenges. And we manage it all for you!

      You deserve more from your incentive program provider. Our clients choose us because of our personalized approach.

      Call (866)567-7432 to set-up a free consultation.