Travel rewards for channel incentive programs? Perfect combo.

When channel partner loyalty is a must, go all out with travel rewards.
Loyalty Program Strategy

Travel rewards elevate your brand beyond just business.

B2B customer loyalty is never a sure thing. Customers make decisions in a flash and you lose them just as fast. A channel incentive program with travel rewards is the best way to secure long-term loyalty from your most important B2B customers. Incentive travel rewards can yield a 4:1 ROI and for good reason—when you share a special travel experience with customers, you become more than just a channel partner. The positive feelings toward you and your brand are powerful and long-lasting.

Loyalty Program Strategy

Use technology to make incentive travel solutions even better.

With Incentive Solutions’ powerful, flexible incentive technology, you can create a unique marketing campaign leading up to your trip.

  • Communicate with program participants through email, text and mailer messages.
  • Use a leaderboard to show who’s in the top spots to earn the incentive trip.
  • Measure trip qualification in online reward points, which can be earned by passing quizzes or filling out surveys.
  • And a lot more!

Specialized tools and add-on features help you define your specific customer loyalty goals and make them the central focus of your travel rewards.

incentive travel

Host the best possible incentive travel event, with a little help.

At the heart of a successful travel rewards program, you need an unforgettable excursion. Incentive Solutions has years of experience managing incentive trips launched specifically to strengthen channel partner relationships. With our exclusive group travel deals and a la carte trip management expertise at your service, we can help you reward your channel partners with the trip of a lifetime.