The Manager Point Bank Module




Empower Your Managers to Motivate Their Teams!


27035737_mManagers work directly with your teams and employees everyday. They’re the role models that help guide and motivate your staff. By extension, they know when your employees perform above and beyond, often before anyone else does.The Manager Point Bank module allows program administrators to give managers of any branch (regional, district, department, etc.) a set amount of reward points that they can pass out at their discretion every month. They can use the points to host mini contests, or pass them along in a similar manner to the Quick Points module. This gives your managers their right to motivate and positively influence your employees towards a greater success through incentives!

The ones who know your employees best can reward those who deserve it most!

Employee Recognition is extremely important to employee success! Knowing their managers reward them with points for going above and beyond, employees will display a higher level of output and work ethic. Engagement with employees through reward incentives simply produces more ROI!

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