What makes merchandise rewards so motivating? The braggability factor!    

Merchandise rewards motivate participants because they’re tangible symbols of achievement!

When you use merchandise as recognition rewards, you can increase sales, customer loyalty, or employee motivation.

If your channel partners or employees hear the words “You’ve just earned reward points!” then their next thought will probably be “Great! What can I spend my points on?” If you’re running a rewards program provided by Incentive Solutions, the answer is… items in an online rewards catalog with millions of items! Our merchandise rewards selection is one of the most diverse and readily available the incentive industry has to offer.

Whether your participants are striving to earn rewards like outdoor grills and 60” HDTVs or redeeming points for smaller, quickly-earned items like movie tickets and books, our online merchandise rewards catalog caters to a variety of personalities. Extensive choice ensures participants discover the best rewards to suit their individual style. Our rewards catalog puts reward selection in the hands of the recipient, where it has the greatest motivational power!

These are the key benefits of partnering with us for your merchandise rewards program.

It’s no mystery why merchandise rewards are great. But what’s great about a merchandise rewards program provided by Incentive Solutions? These three key benefits make merchandise rewards even more exciting and effective.

Direct relationships with vendors.

Because our online rewards mall integrates directly with our suppliers’ reward inventories, we can offer the lowest prices and up-to-date products from today’s most high-demand brands.

Real-time, updated selection.

Because our integrated catalog updates along with our suppliers’ stock, participants always have newly-released and on-sale rewards to check out, driving engagement and participation in your program. 

In-store pick-up.

In-store pick-up is available for many of our merchandise rewards. Participants don’t have to wait around for their product to be delivered—they can redeem their points, pick up their reward and bring it home in the same day! Instant gratification makes employee appreciation and recognition even more powerful.

Trophy value and instant gratification are the powerful motivators behind merchandise rewards programs.

Every type of incentive reward has its own unique advantages and benefits. Along with the freedom to select personally motivating rewards from a vast online catalog, trophy value and instant gratification are the two major benefits to using merchandise rewards.

Trophy Value

When program participant earn rewards, they want to share their excitement! They want to tell their friends, show pictures, or post on social media. Every time someone comments on their new TV or golf clubs, they’ll mention your rewards program. When they relive the awesome feeling of achievement, they want to earn more rewards! These conversations also create positive sentiment around your brand that makes an impact far beyond the reward redemption.

Instant Gratification

Reward points can be added instantly to a participant’s account. Participants can redeem their points for something great as soon as they’ve completed the reward-worthy act. The immediate consequence creates a stronger emotional relationship between taction and reward, which makes the participant want to earn more points. With our mobile-friendly programs, participants can get rewards even faster—even if they’re making a sale from the field! 

Merchandise rewards work best in these types of reward programs.

Whatever your goals are for your incentive or rewards program, there is a reward best suited to your needs. These are the types of incentive programs we recommend pairing with merchandise rewards. 

Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty is generally built over time. Because reward points can be accrued over time for big items such as electronics and furniture, merchandise rewards are a good option for long-term customer loyalty goals.

Sales Incentive Programs

With online and mobile technology, there doesn’t have to be any delay between action and reward. That means sales reps can be rewarded as soon as they make a sale—even if they’re on the go.

Employee Recognition

A merchandise rewards program lets you reward all your employees, not just top performers. Average performers who make up your workforce majority can earn rewards like movie tickets, motivating them to move closer to high-performer status.  

Channel Incentive Programs

Merchandise rewards help make up for the disadvantage of being an indirect seller. You may not have direct connections with partner sales teams or customers, but a rewards catalog with millions of items means you can still motivate channel partners with rewards of their choice!  

Learn more about what our online rewards mall has to offer. Customize your program with these other reward categories!

Travel Booking

Your program participants can use their points for an unforgettable family vacation or intimate get-away. Airline tickets, hotel accommodations, activities, cruises—the rewards catalog has all these and more!

Event Tickets

We partner with major event ticket vendors, so your participants can spend reward points on almost any event, including sporting events, concerts, musicals, festivals, and more!

Uniquely Yours

Want to offer something special and unique for your outstanding performers? With our Uniquely Yours service, we can help participants redeem for almost anything under the sun, from cars to college tuition!


If there’s a non-profit organization or charity close to your company’s heart, adding the charity to your rewards catalog is a great way to raise funds and awareness. Allow participants to donate points for a good cause!