The Story of a Giant Distributor’s Successful Contractor Loyalty Program

When one of the world’s top plumbing product distributors partnered with Incentive Solutions, the results were no pipe-dream. Here’s how we helped them change buyer behavior to increase average order quantity by 319%.

The Situation:

The plumbing distributor’s primary objective for their loyalty program was to get their network of professional trade contractors to shop online. Our client knew that influencing contractors to use their e-commerce platform more often would allow them to lower their “cost to serve” and result in a better B2B customer experience. At the same time, they wanted to create engaging brand interactions and offer customers millions of rewards through an online points program.

The Solution:

The contractor loyalty program launched with three primary reward types to entice participation and drive online orders:

  • Business benefits (exclusive discounts to Sprint, Office Depot and Enterprise, as well as fuel supplies)
  • Online reward points (for enrolling or buying featured products)
  • Bonus point promotions (double, triple, quadruple and quintuple points for specific products)
  • Millions of options for reward redemption, including brand-name merchandise, event tickets, travel and charitable donations.

As a strategic priority, the program included a fully integrated marketing campaign consisting of:

  • Celebrity Spokesperson
  • Print Advertising in Targeted Placements
  • Counter POP (Point-of-Purchase)
  • Digital Signage
  • Strategic Online Advertising
  • National Radio
  • Email Marketing

In addition to points for online orders, the Learn and Earn Module allowed participants to earn points for submitting customer surveys, providing qualified referrals and participating in daily online trivia to build their brand awareness.

The Results:

  • 77% of contractors participated.
  • Total average order quantity increased by 319%.
  • Customers in the contractor loyalty program provided 665% more monthly revenue